Bella Luna
My beautiful,
beautiful moon.

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Happy birthday, beautiful prince! I can clearly remember the first time you caught my eye. I was still kind of new to the kpop world and shocked at how talented kpop bands are. The first time I saw you was in the MAMA music video. I was mesmerized by your angelic looks and voice. Then I googled your name, saw lots of pictures of your face, watched a couple of interviews and from that moment I realised that you would mean something special to me. I might not have been there to support you from the very beginning, but it has been a year now and you have helped me many times. Your heavenly voice was always there for me when I was feeling down, your caring personality has never failed to cheer me up, just seeing your face puts a bright smile on my face. You are such a beautiful person inside and out (and of course you are the manliest man out there). I know that being an idol you are bound to face hardships. Even so, you keep smiling, you care about the fans not being hurt, even if this gets you being the one that ends up hurt, you give all your heart and soul while performing, you are also a great friend to all the other members. Despite saying all these nice things, I know you are not perfect. You have said and done stuff without thinking them through which might have caused some people feel offended. No human is flawless, and that is what you are - a human being. And you deserve to be treated as one. Seeing pictures and videos of you several times a week, at the airport, surrounded by huge crowds with people shoving their cameras up your face, makes my heart ache. But in the end, I hope everything is worth it as you, together with EXO, become more and more successful. I wish you health, luck, happiness, love and all the best in the world. Please continue to make all of your fans the happiest people in to world. Keep on the hard work and it will pay off. Don’t stop believing in yourself, don’t stop believing in the fans, don’t stop believing in EXO. Together we are invincible and we can do anything. Don’t ever forget that. I love you with all my heart.


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KIM TAEYEON LINES - 11995 plays
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what are your instagrams? mine is @snezhitodorova

tell me yours and i’ll follow you back c:

Yoongi’s pout for Anonymous

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no offense but i want to set you on fire